Hair Micropigmentation, Hair Muliplication, Hair Cloning

Hair Micropigmentation (alternatively known as Hair Multiplication) is a quick and fashionable cosmetic solution to hair loss.

In keeping with our stated aim of delivering the latest treatments as part of a full range of options for our hair loss clients, Landmark Hair Replacement of London is pleased to offer this innovation in cosmetic hair loss solutions.

Hair micropigmentation is becoming a popular cosmetic alternative to traditional hair loss solutions. It can be used to address the full range of hair loss issues including most scars. It is an ideal hassle-free solution for clients for whom lifestyle and appearance are important considerations.

The skill and experience of our technician and the latest in hair micropigmentation technology are combined to recreate the appearance of individual follicles, carefully matched for colour and size with your own. The technique can be used to add the appearance of density or to recreate the appearance of a full head of hair. We can also camouflage most scar tissue.

In terms of style, you get to discuss and agree with your technician the desired outcome allowing you to dictate the density and shade as well as the precise positioning of the recreated hairline. Choice extends to the hairline style itself, which can be highly defined or more subtle and jagged according to your preference.

As a Landmark client you will benefit from an unrivalled package which guarantees long term aftercare and keeps you in pristine condition. The initial procedure is completed in a single session and we would then expect to see you once a quarter for short touch up sessions.

We expect prospective clients to come along to a consultation with a lot of questions. We will provide all the answers you need and more so that you can make a well informed decision whether to proceed.

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